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the game – dead lyrics



[verse 1]
this for my n-gg- c-murder, locked away
this for the n-gg- conscious that took pac away
this for the n-gg-s screaming on me but not today
this for the n-gg-s thinking’ i was all dr. dre
this for the magasin writers words with a lot say
come to my hood it enough good we c-cking spray
keep it gully like we are for rock away
trick gangsta rap like a hood
come through the hood with a model chick that i got from ‘ye
and rose phantom limitage just a block away
so let the beat not while you bob your head,
i switch cars jump in the c.l., smoother than pete rock
air max 95, flow cl-ssic like reboc
members o1 try lay me down like shirak
r.i.p to all them n-gg-s and all my n-gg-s

[chorus x2]
don’t don’t end up dead
n-gg- don’t don’t up dead

[verse 2]
one thing about me,
always keep it real with myself
like nas, i’m ill will with myself
and i can feel the pain of ms. wallace
i wish chris was here, so he could see c.j. blow
like the paint on this impala
tell afeni to holla if she need another son that rap
pac’s revenge and i got a gun that clap like dr. dre snares
blow chronic like dr. dre cares
i been there, done that dr. dre shares all his b-tches and his liquor
he ain’t call me for detox, but that’s my n-gg-
remember who brought em back to compton
and 23 year old me was a f-ckin monsters
still n-gg-s say i ain’t hood what f-ck they taking bout
like i want kiss my son on the head nd chuck em out
what up 50? let’s talk it out
but until we talk it out

[chorus x2]
don’t don’t end up dead
n-gg- don’t don’t up dead

[verse 3]
i remember when my older brother wanted to be rakim
now i’m livin’ his dream, cause somebody shot him
and left me like eric b. without rakim
still payed them for like b.b.s stock rims
now i got california locked in
dip in this beamer, same model, different year they shot pac in
so whats the top 10 if you dead
who drop this lamborghini if i’m in the feds
to times feeling spelling my nights up in the bed
but i’m from compton so when i’m out its infrared
get my son ready for school nd i kiss his heads
so when you see my face in the mirror
if i end up dead bed
never war bullet proof vest and no got bullet proof car
you know me westside triple o.g
and i’ma tell you like the homie snoop dogg told me

[chorus x2]
don’t don’t end up dead
n-gg- don’t don’t up dead

- the game