the midnight beast – fashion innit 歌詞


fashion innit

fashion, okay!
rip my jeans. it’s fashion innit.
roll up my sleeves. it’s fashion innit.
knee high leathers. it’s fashion innit.

what? it’s fashion innit!

paint my nails. it’s fashion innit.
got sick details. it’s fashion innit.
spiderwebs. it’s fashion innit.

what? it’s fashion innit!

[dance break]

spiky neck piece. it’s fashion innit!
slipnot fleece. it’s fashion – is it?
earl grey tea.

h-h-h-h-h-have you heard the word? it’s fashion innit!

screaming man. it’s fashion innit!
screaming woman. it’s fashion innit!
sacrificial lamb and a hooded clan,
we’ve been throwing h-rns since time began.

[dance break]

who can last the longest in a moshpit with an egg?

so what have we learned today guys?
don’t lose your tickets in a moshpit!
what else have we learned today guys?
music plus clothes equals fashion!
so what gave we learnt today guys?
don’t bring an egg to a moshpit!
but the main thing we learned today guys is…

what? it’s fashion innit!

- the midnight beast