the pierces – go to heaven 歌詞


hey, come on
and take off all the clothes that you have on
and make love to me until the sun
comes up
or until we decide we are done

or until all the prayers
that go to heaven get an answer
ooh ooh ooh… [repeat oohs]

you are absurd
you say the cutest things i’ve ever heard
i don’t think i can take another word

or my head might explode
and i will have to go to heaven
ooh ooh ooh… [repeat oohs]

love me…
love me…
love me…

no i said
i do not think that it’s all in your head
but we may not find out until we’re dead

or until earth explodes
and everybody goes to heaven
ooh ooh ooh… [repeat oohs until end]

- the pierces