the ready set – logistics 歌詞


every song is the same thing,
the authors of text books spelled this out in diamonds.
i’m aware of attraction, and everyone’s dancing,
a different take on the old way.
so if you’re in then you’re in,
feel it like a train wreck,
come on take a step back.
i promise nothing’s holding you out.
dive deep into city scenes,
all of your friends and you are celebrities. you shot monotony saing “oh we won’t fake, no we won’t break down”,
but you called me out where the nights come cheap and the party is free.
you make it fact that there’s nothing that you won’t try once.
i’ve got a secret hidden right behind my ego and it grows and it grows but your vanity won’t set you free.
ten million colors but you say that there’s not enough.
look up, are you listening? hands up, are you watching me intently?
do what i want, do what i say, look the same, act the same way.
keep it moving slow. could you fall in love tonight, if i asked you to real nice?
once or twice, three times if i say it just like…
if you’re a limo i will be your paparazzi, if you’re a diamond i will be your pop cliche, if you’re a love note i will be your yellow song bird but poetry is past-tense tension played out yesterday instead we say..

when everyone else is alive, we are the kids that condescend and draw out boundary lines, so i’ll make an anthem tonight.
together we can cut these chains and free up all the airwaves again. do what you want, do what you like to, live your life.
we are eagles in the sky, take flight.

- the ready set