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too hort – cush cologne lyrics


cush cologne
(feat. rico tha kidd & dj upgrade)

[intro/chorus: repeat 2x]
she keep callin me; she cain’t leave me alone
love the smell of my cush cologne
yeah she on it, on it
ridin that thang like a pony, pony

[too $hort]
my cush cologne is in the breeze
i smell like weed, i ain’t smoked no trees
but i got – a fat sack in my pocket
do me like the purp’ girl, smoke it, suck it!
swallow it, hold it in
take all of it, now you smoke it big
it’s so big in your neck you wanna blow it out
turn you on to some sh-t you don’t know about
used to be a good girl, but you hoein now
knowin how n-gg-z from the town could burn you out
smokin back to back and that’s a fact
like a little groupie she don’t know how to act
so i break it down, spit a lot of game to her
i seen her runnin ’round with some lame dues
turnin out hoes ain’t a thang to me
i got her hooked on my game and the weed!


[rico tha kidd]
we in the club and they playin my song
girl i see you over there hittin your drop until that clap on
ed hardy hat on, dress shirt with the bag on
i walk past, she said “d-mn daddy that’s strong!”
that cush cologne got her hooked
now she’ll do whatever for a little of that cush
that cush? all up in my face like she know me, she phony
she really wanna smoke weed and ride that pony
i boxed the hallway in, now to cush my cologne
i tell her “b-tch don’t bother me when i’m up in the zone
i do my thang on stage girl that’s how i get paid
i bust money moves girl while yo’ -ss renegade!” look
(you know you wanna hit this bud)
(we keep that [?] but she f-ck with us)
(she only wanna get hiiiiigh)
(i think that’s why)


[dj upgrade]
cannabis for men, take the buds off the stem
rip her clothes off, she’s smokin hot, weed hotbox with her friends
we puffin on out, dude he ’bout to get backdo’
the bomb had me home dictatin like castro
she was on me, the tree just an icebreaker
rolled both blunts, swisher sweeter than a life-savor
gave her the chills and the thrill now she like danger
gettin high and fly with a life changer
ohh! and i love to watch her hit the weed
i ain’t gon’ like, i take the philly out and picture me
got kidnapped and bribed with some weed
i’m a sucker for thc, that hersh cream
pay taxes? we can play madden
kick it like janikowski then run you like mcfadden
take it to the black hole, beat her with a black pole
watch a s-x tape, gettin higher than the astros


[outro: too $hort]
your b-tch is on my d-ck n-gg-!
cause i smell good, smoke good
we from the town b-tch!

- too hort