torchfvce – bloodlust 歌詞


[verse 1: torchfvce]
imma cut your f-cking throat and bathe inside the pool of blood
b-tch i crave the taste of copper like a termite craving wood
imma nasty mother f-cker i’ll still f-ck her if she bleeding
and i’ll c-m inside her p-ssy just to mix the blood with s-m-n
b-tch i’m back on my f-ck sh-t
that i don’t give a f-ck sh-t
that bump this f-ckin song right before you shoot up a function
blood l-st, numb touch, as i empty out your veins, close range, plain jane, this the harbinger of pain
make you l!ck the f-ckin bite side of the sharpest f-ckin blade
m-st-rbating so intensely while i’m carving up your face
homicide on my mind k!ll em all don’t leave a trace
i want bodies stacked on bodies stuffed inside my fire place
i don’t give a f-ck about you you could die and i won’t budge
dump your body in the well and then just leave you like the grudge
let your carc-ss rot for weeks and let your body turn to sludge
but before i make this happen get my fix of all your blood

blood l-st, blood l-st, blood l-st, blood l-st yeah

- torchfvce