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traverealm – trave tales 2 lyrics


coming off this f_ckin pack
shut the f_ck up
b_tch you wack
count up bands like it’s math
p_ssy know it’s f_ckin cash
hit the blunt with my mans
snort percs like it’s dirt
swerve the wrath into her
murder case no f_ckin he_rs_
disrespecting dead a curse
f_ck you b_tch do your worst
living life and it’s perks
in the dark i f_ckin lurk
blade on me b_tch it hurts
money no cure for outbursts
all i f_ckin need is percs
supplimenting crazy with addiction

time to go
f_ck you b_tch
on my own
with my sh_t
had enough
whip to whip
switching cars
my choice of it
suck my f_ckin d_ck
all i wanted from you b_tch
had enough of your sh_t
slice my neck
the fun of it
blood spilling
through my threads
world is dead
97 let it rest
anarchy the next step
future gone
rotting with the nest
holes in my chest
toxins running through my breath
get a job they said
choppa to my f_ckin head

- traverealm