trey songz – hollalude 歌詞



it still see us (makin love sometimes)
i wake up in cold sweats
i wonder where you are
what you doin? (i miss you)
i think of you. (i miss us)

i remember that silly fight we had soon as your mama left the house
do you remember
you said i won’t quite the man that i used to be
and i didn’t understand the words comin out your mouth
i remember
every argument like yesterday (yesterday)
still can’t believe that you gone away (i can’t believe it)
and i know it’s a choice that we both done made
that it was best for us just to break apart
but i wanna let you know that your still in my heart (and you, baby you know)
that you’re still in my heart (like a seed, let you grow)
i still love you girl no matter where you go
no matter where you are
no matter how far
i’m gon be right there (right there) if you need me
i’m right here (right here) if you want me
i’m right here here here (here)
and all you gotta do is…

- trey songz