uncle trey – said & done 歌詞


lately, the voices in my head been getting louder
either telling me that i’m that guy and couldn’t be prouder
or reminding me that something’s wrong wit me and they all notice
so i’m somewhere ‘tween stuck in my head and being focused
i’d be fronting if i acted like i ain’t talk back
agreeing i’m that n-gga or wondering if i’m wack
not referring to the talent, what i do can not be questioned
know i got the word, just have the cash when i p-ss the collection
talk is cheap but my cost went up
cause streaming think that half a penny for your thoughts enough
not to say i’m only here to chase a bag of course
but i can wanna touch lives and twist the keys to a porsche
look how i rushed to leave the mountain, now i’m tryna move it
stories of wildin’ with people that i spent my youth with
same can attest to the fact that i do this
as well as the authenticity i have in my music
so here’s to them and that vow i took
that i would shake the world and never for a second be shook
the company i keep says a lot but don’t say a lot
i pray a lot, my n-ggas spray a lot
said i would bring my small town elevation
and now that whole small town steady waiting
i can’t be the one that said more than i’ve done
when all is said and done i gotta be the one

so let’s cheers to the now
and to the back when
let’s toast to all the times
the fact they happened
tell me that this sh-t gon get better
tell me that this sh-t gon get better
deciding the best life that can pair with me
tryna figure this out, hope you bear with me
tell me that this sh-t gon get better
tell me that this sh-t gon get better

people underestimate my desire to be alone
separated from reality, attached to they phones
i ain’t asking for forgiveness when i wanna do me
got one life, still wouldn’t live for y’all if i had three
spent many hours in the mirror, -n-lyzing this person
to be better than him or at least, best version
and at the moment that’s my top priority
so maybe i’ll stop asking ‘what the f-ck is wrong wit me?’
or i’ll have a better answer for women when i’m aloof
cause getting me to open up is like pulling a tooth
the jaws of life couldn’t make that feat
been took advantage of and rotten when they played me for sweet
i just wanna make it make a little sense
why my, default emotion seems to be indifference
and it’s not that i don’t care but i hate to say i do
cause expression becomes an expressway used against you
i’m s’posed to be superman in the booth
instead i get vulnerable and start spilling my truths
pour the dark, roll the green, but my key component
nostalgia’s my favorite drug as well as the most potent
either cringing at my past or longing for those moments
to relive certain feelings or attempt atonement
for all the things i said or didn’t do or done
but all i have’s tomorrow, yesterday won’t ever come


- uncle trey