uraelb & darshmadebeats – shadowboxing 歌詞


darsh, what up?
my real spitters, what up?

verse 1: uraelb
i shadow box wit precision
cause i’m my only competition
concern myself wit others?
that ain’t the method for better living
you wanna spar? we can spar
just ask for my permission
but don’t be ashamed getting dropped
like beautiful women…

when they entertain you dudes
with 0 intentions
never pretentious
and doing all this sh_t for the mentions
just here to show you
i reside in many dimensions
put em all on one accord
i am the extension

i’ll get ya power stripped
black ya out like outages
exposing all ya cowardice
just to show you what power is
peep how my prowess is
my whole life full a calluses
demigod on his job
working till i run outta sh_t
just throwing jabs that’s how i dip and dab
don’t need to dip and dab
to black when i spit on wax
my punches pack
ain’t ever a moment when i slack
get ya sh_t rocked thinking i’m a sap
these are the facts

(got d_mn)
i got the formula like similac
(what else?)
sh_t sounded like i invented rap
(what else?)
flowin effortless on every track
(what else?)
won’t force it i can’t be drinking tap
ya know this alkaline is where it’s at
not many men can take it to the max
wanna contend but they can’t match
let’s rap

hook: (uraelb)
(one time for ya mind!)
(aye yo, darsh)
(let me get serious on this verse)
(let me talk to em)
(yo, yo, yo)

verse 2:
gotta get up get out and get something
ain’t met a rapper yet with out rosa complex
too busy frontin’
tired of hearing people bussin’
(pew pew pew)
videos with mac rounds in they background
(doot, doot, doot)
talking bout a bunch a nothin’

same ones gunning they brothers down
gettin head hunted
playing on the special teams
these lives gettin punted
can’t be returned, that ships already sunken
no chance for a touchdown
forever above ground

with people they love now
they rap it so easily, that sh_t blow my mind
no pun intended for the scheme
i don’t get how it binds
saying f_ck a 9 to 5, you got too much pride

but working 9 to 5 out here takin lives
make the oppressors job easy
k!ll ya own kind
they slap it right in ya face
when you complain and whine
about the cops k!lling us
but y’all make it just fine
let’s call a spade a spade
both of them sh_ts a crime
slave and master work together
for some more time
part of this mentality
in my blood line
seem like this sh_t won’t ever end
i wanna press rewind

go back to when we were unified
way before jesus was crucified
he exemplified, both you and i
i shadow box so we don’t have to scr_p
let’s rap

- uraelb darshmadebeats