vortex of clutter – the ghosts of a new generation 歌詞


we suffer torture every day
every day same fatal routine
is sucking our souls
tricks of capitalism
confusing our minds

every new day means a new death
in this slave design
unconscious belonging
perfect possession
rule those who believe

we are the others
we are the stones
we are the workers
of the sunrise

we are traitors
of your fake nation
we are the rioters
in your empty mind

you, white -ss pig!
must pay the price
after all the pain you caused

you only think we led the end
no, you can’t see
what we created

we bring the end
end of you

never trust politicians
never trust their systems
they will absorb you
and puke you out
when you wake up!

never believe the nation myth
never believe their gods
cosmic justice
never works
in this dark age


we are the ghosts – of a new generation
we will destroy you – with our world revolution

- vortex of clutter