westside connection – don’t get outta pocket 歌詞


(feat. k mac)

[ice cube-repeat 2x]
we live in la la, we smokin la la
f-ck wit the da, boo boo ba ba
n-gg-, ha ha!

get outta pocket, we might just whup yo -ss
pull out a rocket, we might just take yo cash
and when i c-ck it, we might step out and blast
but we ain’t gon let that bullsh-t p-ss

[ice cube]
i used to be a young phenom, like lebron
now i’m doin sh-t beyond, geghis kahn
peon, you can’t p-ss on deon
the best rapper in the world ain’t a european

[mack 10]
look, respect my gangsta, n-gg- obey
and i been rich since my first pro day, ask o shea
west ridin is my fotay
and will the hustle ever stop? n-gg-, no way

n-gg-z can’t f-ck wit dub sc
gang related and leavin ’em leakin like stds
c-walkin out of the sc, lettin the tech breathe
till i rest in peace, dub gon rep these streets

[k mac]
k mac is the one, n-gg- f-ck neo
no love, hit ’em up with the dub wherever we go
my game so cold, the hoes call me sub zero
oh, you know that n-gg- pimpin ken? that’s my hero

[chorus – 2x]

[ice cube]
it’s catastrophic when i stop it
atomic, demonic, and off that chronic
it’s ironic, how i flip them phonics
so f-cked up, the product of reaganomics

[mack 10]
sh-t, i heard the price of yo done went up
my gun buddy had a drop, so the pistola went up
the heater hot, n-gg- burn ya skin up
the fo fifth hold a dime, and i shoot all ten up

i’m about guns, f-ck roses, i breeze over parole
some man captured some folks, the locstas never fold
bacon soda aromas, n-gg-z swingin chrome motors
d-ckey bombin folks and shootin out of stolen automotives

[k mac]
i got diamonds on my fingers and watch on arms
stay out a n-gg- way and you won’t be harmed
if i catch a b-tch, i’ll see for sure she’ll be charmed
when i’m rollin through the hood, a n-gg- heavily armed

[chorus – 2x]

[ice cube]
sh-t, my life is like a rap show
i’m out the back door, beyatch, so beware of the strap, bro
cause that’s how my blast go
ice cube is an -sshole just like castro

[mack 10]
n-gg-, i spit flames, leave permanent scars
connect gang bang and we g’s about ours
and ain’t sh-t changed, still stripes and stars
and i’m done already, ain’t got but 4 bars

holdin it down down down stoned down bustin rounds
dub, ghetto rich n-gg- since bow down
squad down, sendin flicks to my n-gg-z locked down
doin dolas in streets wit my ragtop down

[k mac]
yo, write a book bout a n-gg- like me
i got loot like an athlete just signed wit nike
you lose ya life if ya ever get sheisty
could mac ever run out of snaps? not likely

[chorus – 2x]

- westside connection