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yelawolf – the hardest love song in the world lyrics


i usually don’t do this, but f-ck it
you know what?

[verse 1]
you’re like the hardest thing i’ve ever seen
and i’m from the gutter so believe me
i’ve seen some hard things
you come from where the black flower grows
i wanted to cut you down and take you home
call me axl rose
i could see you in a 1976 camero
me and you, sippin’ whiskey getting drunker than jack sparrow
it’s black sabbath, how you get mellow
well put your feet on harley davidson pedals
and rock and roll girl

like a diamond cuts through a pearl
this the hardest love song in the world (hardest love song, in the world)
you could get it in with your girl
yeah, the hardest love song in the world (hardest love song, in the world)

[verse 2]
you don’t got to drive a fleetwood cadillac
you just got to know some of words to fleetwood mac
horror movies turn you on, pull the sheets back
f-ck it, i roleplay, do it to you in a jason mask
you switch walkers like a switch blade
you walk into the room and it’s like these other b-tches get hit with a grenade
with that said, let me pull them spandex pants off you with my teeth like ozzy did a bat head
i like rock and roll, let’s go


[verse 3]
you ain’t concerned with new clothes or salaries
you would rather run across the country like mickey and mallory
be the natural born killer that you are
we’ll hang out the window with a pistol and i drive the car
we’ll rob a dollar general for nothing but snack food
shooting anything that moves, dogs and cats too
re-enact the hardest movie scenes, bl–dy shirts and holy jeans
we the hardest you and me, rock and roll baby


click bang
click bang like magic
yeah, the hardest love song in the world

- yelawolf