youth // service – liam’s interlude 歌詞


[spoken word: liam kelly]
i’ve lost trust in those i once called close
a cynicism possesses my thoughts
hitting overdrive just to drown it out
hitting substance to replace the feeling
to replace me feeling complacent
a proximity i’ve lost
a feeling of freedom
a feeling i want
a feeling that’s forced
a polarising view on people
it’s toxic
the level of introspection that has caused me to question if i even believe in myself
i was taught life lessons way too young
this grass on my feet is the only totem that i’m still breathing
still feeling and not dreaming
still searching for a childish connection
of true love and free of comparison
now i just keep distance for safe keeping
from trust breaching
from a youthful ignorance
feel like an old soul, too old for this world
stitched like saturn but stuck on mars
too many ideas, but not enough years
too many ideas, but not enough years

- youth service