z – ro – paid my dues 歌詞


ya call yourself a hustler
thirty-years-old and still try’na move a fifty pack
little honda civic with big speakers in the back
me i’m still a hustler but my product is changed
i went from selling crack cocaine to uncut ro-cain
this ro gain ain’t for receding hair line
that means every dollar that come in front of me goin be mine
y’all arguing over corners, i’m taking over town
so whatever i hustle i could never be out of bounds
out of five conrads they say they down with me
four want me dead but don’t want me to take my fortunate in the ground with me
scheming they plot but don’t even know what i got
cause whatever it is i’m doing i seem to have it on lock
none of my baby mommas hated to see me come up
cause i took care of all the children when the times were tough
that’s what the real hustler do, bring the baking home
not try’na buy rims that cost more than the car that’cha put em on

y’all fellas ain’t paid no dues
y’all just hustle for shoes and 22’s
not taking care of your kids, y’all out there doing it big
like you got something to prove
i know you think your the man, you got a lil fifty grand
and think ya doing the food
but what’cha can’t understand is how money flowing in and out of my hands
cause i done paid my dues

i remember when my hustle was the jack you
then exchange your property for some benjamin’s and some andrew’s
h-ll yeah i was loving it cause i was making my cheese
but it didn’t feel real good once it started happening to me
i was reaping what i was sowing, that was that hater-ism
i hated to see my pants pockets without some paper in em
what’chall know about 72 from 9 in the week’s time
without working with a weapon i was winning but what was mine
serious was the game i didn’t play with it
even if the clu clux clan wanted to buy it, i was on the way with it
i don’t smoke crack it’s to easy for me to sell
but you hustle like bill clinton, you smoke it but don’t inhale
i was taking money to my annium, they used to take care of me
it was time for me to take care of them
unlike a brother that come up and forget about all his folks
and be the main one try’na come back and kick it when he go broke


uh, it don’t matter how much that, it don’t matter how much for this
put it on my neck and my wrist
white ones, red monkey’s and a blue meoshay’s
got fifty people waiting just to do what z-ro say
king of the ghetto entertainment is the drug dealer
city to city sending the story of a thug n-gg-
my cup run it over and i’m thankful
i won’t do nothing hazardous just wish man go break bread with tazardous
greed, vanity, l-st, the main three thangs that it’ll make you end up in the dust
ya seven sins that women and men commit 24/7
ya better watch it or get 187
most of y’all just be talking loud begging for attention
i ain’t even gotta say nothing than i’m a name they won’t forget to mention
when i take my last breath, then i’m a part of the past
bury me upside down so all of y’all can kiss my -ss
i’m a hustler


- z